Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Design Director for Timberland shoes black and white

Design Director for Timberland shoes black and white
I am going to start this response by stating that I am the Design Director for Timberland PRO and have been with the brand for eleven years.
Your question is a tough one as there really isn't a way to "dye" the boot back to its original wheat color. new red timberland boots,The leather dying process is fairly

complicated and requires some industrial strength chemicals you wouldn't easily find commercially. You could definitely dye the leather a darker

color with off-the-shelf leather dyes, but you will never achieve that original wheat look.
Depending on how miserable your boots look,timberland shoes black and white, I believe the best advice would be to use a leather/ suede cleaner. There are cleaners you can find

on line... a few brands I'm familiar with are Lincoln, Pedag, Kiwi and Woly. Remove the bulk of any standing dirt with a stiff brush and damp

rag. Once the boot is clean, shake the liquid cleaner in its bottle to create a foam. Dip a soft bristle brush (a tooth brush is perfect) into

the foam and gently scrub the cleaner over the leather. Timberland roll top boots for men,I recommend applying the cleaner to the entire leather upper to maintain a uniform clean

look. Once the boot has been completely cleaned it needs to dry. Air drying would be best, but you can expedite the process by dabbing the

leather with a soft cotton towel (old) or rag. Once the leather is dry,2016 Men Timberland 6 Inch Boots,
you can brush the leather with a stiff bristled brush to raise the nap of
the leather. The nap is the micro-raised surface that gives nubuck that soft, just-vacuumed surface it's known for.
I suggest applying a water-proofing spray finish after you clean your boots. timberland 6 inch premium boot black,The chemicals in the cleaner will surely have an adverse affect on

the waterproof quality of the leather. Timberland makes their own but Scotchgard by 3M is just as good. Spray it lightly and evenly and let it

dry thoroughly. ALAN2016.10.19

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