Sunday, November 20, 2016

After buying the shoes timberland caps

Best winter shoe I've ever had!
From derGraw on December 17, 2016
Color: Green (Dark Olive Roughcut) Size: 47.5 UE Verified
I owe this shoe every time seen when I walked through the city. He always stood in a shop window and smiled at me.
But the fact that it costs in store 129 and I had to buy the previous year already winter shoes for 200 euros, preventing me from buying.
When I looked at Amazon, I found the shoes for only 85 euros on offer. It was the last in my size, I just had to hit! After buying the shoes, timberland caps,the price fetched above 100 euros and I am happy with a cookie: D
Well, as expected, I was very excited when I opened the package. A nice color (olive - but the shiny are well worth considering!) And a great shape! Finally winter shoes that appear sporty and not bulky - with size 47.5! They are perfect!
Although the laces act not only tear, but you can replace just in case for a few euros.
Too bad the shoes are not 100% are water repellent.
Conclusion: I am very satisfied with the price-quality ratio and would like to buy the shoe for 129 euros back!

Have already Timberland boots. However, for walking or really for winter. I for a desired everyday shoe, preferably leather. Requirement not too powerful, should not be so difficult. Is the adventure 2.0 discovered here on Amazon. It is indeed a slightly more robust shoe. The shoe itself is not waterproof. In winter, timberland boots for women,when the weather much colder, I recommend the shoe conditionally.
The leather is treated very clean, the shoes directly impregnated. After about two weeks the shoe still looks good, the leather tolerates minor bumps. What was not so good as the sole. If you like to wear sports shoes, you immediately feel the stiff sole. The laces are made of leather. black with gold timberland boot,
Own design, beautiful appearance. Good shoes for the transition period. Not waterproof. Mir is the only one a little too rigid. Another very beautiful shoe. The shoe is available in different colors. Better is a half-size larger.
The shoe fits and fits perfectly. My son is very happy. Unfortunately, timberland 14 inch boots, kids timberland boots, broken after a short use of the sole of a shoe in the back area. A quick note or complaint introduced a free immediate replacement We can only say: Great Great Service !!!

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